Businesses nowadays are far more complex that what they used to be, mainly due to the fact of a world collaboration of economies, globalisation and the search for cheaper labour.

Given the immense competition which exists however the business market seeks for new ways of expanding large organisations and keeping them at the "top"; a major part of this is played by management concepts through the means of HR, such as that of talent management, branding and employer branding.

Talent management for instance is a concept which most major companies use in order to attract, employ and retain the best possible talent via bonuses, large wages, and reputable companies which play a role in the "cocktail party" effect, which is in layman terms when one can brag and be proud of his employment due to the company in which he works in.

Employer Branding is another, relatively new, concept which more and more businesses are using in order to promote their organisations; this concept involves branding of employees, in the same way which branding for products is used, i.e the association of a soda, with "coca-cola", making brands a household name.

Additionally, apart from the aforementioned concepts, which can mainly be used for large scale companies, many small to medium businesses have emerged on the horizon, as many employees have the dream of being a "boss" rather than an "employee". In such instances however, a precise strategy must exist, along with the relevant mobilization and funding on behalf of the owner. Online research must always be looked at prior to embarking on some new business adventure, for the current state of the economy does not accept mistakes.